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Public and private entities from 5 different Spanish regions attended the...

Presentation of "Strategic recommendations for a sustainable use of...

Efficient Buildings, Green Growth and Renewable Energy communities jointly...

You are invited to watch the prepared video trainings of the first module...

ADENE is launching the Portuguese Efficient Buildings Living Lab

ADENE organized a national policy debate on social housing for the...





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THE Efficient Buildings Community

Are you a public building owner? Are you looking for solutions that help you find the right energy efficient investment? Are you an energy agency? Are you looking for best practices to unlock energy efficiency in you region? Are you a company? Are you looking for new partners in the path of decarbonization?

Then you are in the right place! The Efficient Buildings Community has the solutions!

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The Efficient Buildings Community is a network of public authorities, energy agencies, research institutions and business organizations with the aim to unlock energy efficiency potential in public buildings in the Mediterranean area.

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The Community is delivering tools and methodologies to support investments for energy efficiency in public buildings: technical tools for energy assessment, building classification and prioritization of measures, financial models for EPC and user-friendly applications to ease behavioral change.

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