The objective of the Efficient Buildings Digital Days is to promote the results achieved by the Efficient Buildings Community. To do so, a series of nine exchanges has been organized, with 3 policy sessions and 6 capacity building workshops.

The policy sessions

The three policy sessions detailed below tackle 3 different themes: the governance challenge presented by building strategies of local and regional public authorities, the financing issues related to energy efficiency in the public and private frames, and the dialogue at territorial level around the Mediterranean basin.

The capacity building workshops

Within the Digital Days we are organising six capacity building workshops (CBW) of about 2 hours, three ones in the afternoon of 7-8-9 June 2021 and the other three ones the week after in the morning of 15-16-17 June 2021.

Participants: Each workshop is open to technicians and energy managers from local and regional authorities as well as local and regional energy agencies or multiplier organisations (working with local authorities). The experts from Interreg MED Modular Projects will participate in the capacity building by presenting the tool and methodology developed. Delegates from municipalities that have implemented the tool, might report their experience. A member of the EB consortium will facilitate the workshop and guide the process.

Objective: The aim is to transfer and replicate of a tool that have been successfully implemented within the Interreg MED Programme. By exchanging in person with the trainers and representatives from peers that have implemented, participants will be enabled to adapt the tool to their local needs and frame. Potential barriers for the implementation will be discussed.

Format: Each workshop is meant to happen in a constructive and friendly working atmosphere rather than in a conference setting. Each training session accepts only a limited number of participants. Activities include training on use of the (software) tool, exercises or examples, and how to implement the tools into your day-to-day work.

First Week

Second week