Policy Debate - IPA Countries

Recommendations from the roundtables

Materials from the Policy Debate held in Sarajevo on 12th June 2019

Energy Cities, in collaboration with REIC, organized a policy dialogue event to debate on the main barriers and opportunities for the deployment of energy efficiency measures in public buildings of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro. The event, held in Sarajevo on the 12th of June 2019, gathered experts from the three IPA countries to discuss this issue in three roundtables.

The roundtables concluded that an administrative reform is needed to reduce the complexity of government's state structure (especially for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro) and to harmonize legislation in order to coordinate action between all level of government and reduce the administrative burden.

Moreover, a reallocation of budget to energy efficiency is necessary. Budgetary autonomy to local authorities (above all in Albania) can be a solution to unlock the investments, especially if new funding models are developed with alternative sources of funding.

A third outcome is related to information: building professionals should be trained and data on buildings should be systematically collected by upscaling energy audits.

In order to implement these reforms, there is a need for a strong political will. Energy efficiency should become a priority transversal to all political parties and this can be done through information campaigns to increase awareness on the benefits of energy efficiency.