World cafe and external training have been concluded for all project partners.

Four countries' partners chose to implement the events separately and the other 3 countries' partners organised them in one, which lasted all the day. 

The results extracted from all involved countries' were very interesting and really impressed all participated stakeholders. 

The main structure of the event was as follows:

A first introduction of the tool describing the specific features followed by practical application of national cases

A short seminar organized in two – three presentations of the topic that have been detected as the most interesting one during the training needs analysis per each country 

A world cafe organized by one or more competent persons (found inside the organization or hiring an external expert) around the topic that national partners decided

A final evaluation questionnaire, which was delivered and collected.

It was an interactive action and many participated stakeholders had their first experience on world cafè event, which was characterised as a very pleasant surprise.

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