On energy audits to undertake in the framework of collaborative projects

Location: Centro Cultural y de Formación Alfonso Zapater, Albalate del Arzobispo, Teruel (Spain) 

Organisers: Local Action Groups coordinated by OMEZYMA.

Objectives and Main Outcomes: 

The objective of the event was to provide an overview of how to gather information about the energy performance of buildings in a systematic way in the form of energy audits. These energy audits will be undertaken in the framework of Aragón infoenergía project, and the gathered information will be integrated in the PrioritEE toolbox currently under development within PrioritEE project. During the workshop, the attendees discussed the scope and contents of the energy audits, as well as the way to gather and present them.

In total, there were 30 attendees to the event, representing 12 small-to-medium )SME) companies working in energy efficiency and 8 representatives the following local action groups: ADIBAMA, ADECOBEL, AGUJAMA, ADRICTE, ADRI JILOCAL GALLOCANTA, ASIADER, ASOMO and OMEZYMA. 

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