in Malta, Gozo

14 - 16 November 2018

40 experts from 8 nations developed joint solutions for a continuous improvement of buildings, neighbourhoods and spatial planning. The 5th CESBA Sprint Workshop was organized by 9 European projects and 5 partner organizations.


By means of the so-called Sprint method 6 working groups dealt with respectively six issues for three days. The most important results are:

  • Most programs in cities are tailored for middle class people with a stable income and well-to-do public administrations. CESBA shall reinforce the sensibility and consideration for the social dimension of actions and measures.
  • CESBA shall foster a participatory approach of stakeholders through gamification and co-creation. Adopt a parallel “bottom-up” and top-down governance.
  • We need to harmonize assessment tools. We need to continue collaboration between us to fulfil these tasks in the forthcoming years. Spatial planning could be a cross-sector facilitation and implementation of horizontal and vertical integration of political programs and recommendations
  • CESBA shall focus on the collaboration with existing networks. The success of this collaboration will depend on the development of new CESBA tools.


The Sprint Method was discussed thoroughly by all participants and confirmed as very valuable and profitable.


Main organizing project: CESBA MED. Contributing projects: Sherpa, ENERJ, CESBA Alps, GREENCYCLE, ALCOTRA, MOLOC, NEW TREND, ARTACLIM

Partner organisations: University of Malta, ECOGOZO, EUROPEAN ENERGY AWARD, FEDARENE, CESBA


Click here for Video of the 5th CESBA Sprint Workshop in Gozo/Malta 2018!


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