The fund will mobilize private finance for energy efficiency measures

On Tuesday 15 January 2019, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE) presented the new National Fund for Energy Efficiency. The fund, established in 2014 by a decree that adopted the Energy Efficiency Directive, has now become operational and it will incentivize investments from firms, ESCOs and public building owners.

The fund has € 310 millions available and it will offer guarantees (30% of the total value of the fund) and easy credit terms (70%) for investment in energy efficient industrial processes, district heating/cooling and building retrofitting. 20% of easy credit terms is reserved to public authorities, that are regarded as crucial actors for the full deployment of energy efficiency potential. The fund is expected to mobilize € 1,7 billions of total investments.

The National Energy Efficiency Fund was introduced by Invitalia, a public-owned investment agency that manages the fund, to a wide audience of stakeholders from all industrial sectors.