Procurement and Finance

EPC Tendering Guide


Targets: local decision-makers; technical experts

Description: The guide aims at drafting Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) tendering documents in public sector. It includes the awarding criteria and the savings performance guarantee and also how to make the measure and verification Plan.

Language: English

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Targets: local decision-makers; Technical experts

Description: The tool supports public authorities in better using resources available for renovation of public buildings. It gives a snapshot on the minimum amount of public subsidy needed to activate financial mechanisms, such as the EPC, and consider the investment "bankable" for the private market. It helps local public authorities in identifying the best tendering procedure and in prioritizing investments.

Language: Bosnian, English, French, Greek, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish

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Mediterranean EPC Guidelines


Targets: Local decision-makers; Technical experts; Enterprises (ESCO); Financial institutions

Description: The guidelines aim to provide step-by-step guidance for the energy retrofitting of public buildings in the Mediterranean area through the use of Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), taking into consideration the intrinsic characteristics of the region.

Language: English

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EPC Simulation Tool


Targets: Local decision-makers; Technical experts

Description: The tool helps public authorities to simulate the energy performance contract, which best fits with the characteristics of the building and specific financial parameters. The output of the tool is a comparison of different scenarios that allows to choose the most suitable solution for each authority.

Language: English

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