Efficient Buildings Digital Days

A Mediterranean wave for the transformation of our cities

The Efficient Buildings Community is proud to present its Digital Days. The online event aims at moving forward the discussion on the post-Covid-19 recovery, on sustainable transition and on the role of public buildings refurbishment.

In the last weeks, many Mediterranean Member States proposed their Recovery Plans to the European Commission and it is now crucial to understand how can the building sector contribute to this sustainable recovery, what are the instruments available to the public authorities and what resources and solutions can be provided by the financial institutions. Mediterranean public authorities have also a role to play in the transferring of these sustainable practices to the South shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Efficient Buildings Digital Days aims at debating these issues and, at the same time, at showcasing a set of tools for an effective planning of energy refurbishment in public buildings.

The Digital Days are organized in a series of:

  • 3 sessions focusing on policies
  • 6 workshops on specific digital tools to build the capacity of local authorities across the whole Mediterranean basin

The whole event will be held in English, but French translation will be provided for the three policy sessions.

The programme
First Week

Second Week
The organizers

The Efficient Buildings Community, supported by the Efficient Buildings partnership, is composed of ten projects dealing with capacity-building & awareness-raising and designing & testing of innovative tools and financing solutions, in the Mediterranean area, covering 13 countries from Portugal to Cyprus.

Gathering more than one hundreds partner organizations - mainly local and regional authorities, energy agencies, financial institutions and universities -, the Efficient Buildings Community aims at sharing innovative solutions for the Euro-Mediterranean area, building synergies, co-constructing next practices for public buildings and speaking with one voice through policy recommendations towards EU and national policy-makers.

Efficient Buildings project partners

Credits: "politics" by Made x Made and "Technical document" by Timofei Rostilov from the Noun Project