Towards Sustainable Buildings - Sharing Feedback

CESBA MED partners invite European stakeholders to a set of 14 buildings projects presentation, for which the design, work and operation have been improved thanks to assessment approaches. Transdisciplinary teams will present their projects and discuss related issues and feedbacks with a peer panel and the audience in a transparent and open dialogue to share one common good : knowledge.

The event targets all sustainable buildings European stakeholders i.e public and private building stock owners, policy makers, architects, engineers, developers, investors, public authorities, environmental consultants, industrials, energy agencies, building users…


8h30 : Welcome

9h - 10h : Plenary session : Sustainable buildings assessment from global to local
Towards a European assessment passport : sharing common indicators inspired by the Level(s) European in local approaches - feedback from the CESBA Med project,
Participatory approach in assessment, what benefit for the industry?
By Florence Rosa – Director of envirobatBDM, Andrea Moro – iisbe Italia,  Viviane Hamon - CESBA, Nicolas Garnier – Interreg Med joint secretary

10h - 12h30 : Sharing feedback -  2 parallel sessions : 5 projects
Starring : social housing area refurbishment in Udine, Italia / New social housing in Levens, Provence / Elementary school renovation, Mravince, Croatia / New office building in Manosque, Provence / High school refurbishment in Martigues, Provence

12h30 - 14h30 : Lunch

14h30 - 18h : Sharing feedback -  2 parallel sessions : 8 projects
Starring : Torino - Industrial brownfield renewal / New community kitchen in Septèmes-les-Vallons, Provence / High school refurbishment in Antibes Juan-les-Pins, Provence / New children activity club in Aups, Provence / New social housing programme in Marseille / Conference center refurbishment in Digne-les-Bains, Provence / High school half board refurbishment in Gap, Provence / Regional learning center in Nice, Provence.

18h : Conclusion


EMD, Ecole de commerce et de management
Immediate proximity to the main Marseille railway station Gare Saint-Charles
Address : Rue Joseph Biaggi 13003 Marseille


Judith Cazas, project manager, envirobatBDM