The Story of Understanding between the Project NEW FINANCE on energy efficiency measures in public buildings and Project SHERPA about Shared knowledge for energy renovation in buildings by public administrations Represented by Government of Catalonia as the Lead partner.

Both projects have been conceived in 2016 in the framework of Interreg MED programme 2014-2020 and are under the MED horizontal community “Energy efficiency in buildings”. NEW FINANCE focuses on effective replication of proven implementation of financial models and smart networking activities equally involving stakeholders from public and private sectors whilst capitalizing on a number of previous and ongoing similar initiatives. SHERPA focuses on intensify the public buildings energy renovation through facilitating the preparation projects process with several tested tools and services for Public Administrations. Projects activities will be implemented in Malta, Croatia, Spain, Italy (shared geographical area), France and Greece (only SHERPA), and Bosnia - Herzegovina and Slovenia (only NEW FINANCE).

The link between both projects is ICAEN because is partner of NEW FINANCE and Associated Partner in SHERPA. ICAEN is also co-leading with SHERPA’s Lead partner the Catalan Strategy of Energy Renovation in buildings. Thanks to ICAEN and to MEDNICE Community, both projects start work together generating a fruitful technical cooperation.

During the MEDNICE kick of meeting on March 7th 2017, the coordinators of the NEW FINANCE and SHERPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing the scope of the cooperation in five envisaged outcomes:

1.    Energy renovation projects in public buildings from SHERPA's database will be showcased on NEW FINANCE platform where possible.

2.    Continuous flow of information between both projects will ensure coherence and increase the level of know-how to be applied in all project outputs.

3.    One or more of the 5 EE projects to be set-up under NEW FINANCE may be selected from SHERPA's database of projects to be matched with financial models.

4.    ALLIANCE mechanisms under NEW FINANCE intended to match public building owners at local and regional level with public and private investors are open for SHERPA’s use.

5.    Relevant stakeholders from both projects are joined in all networking activities (e-platform, trainings, and events) where possible.

From now to the end of the projects several useful fruits will be produced in the framework of this cooperation. The story doesn’t finish because the fruits will be used and replicated by other regions far away.