Building Renovation Passports and One-Stop-Shops

How can public building benefit from them?

Public webinar 7 May 2021 h. 11

On May 7th, the Portuguese Energy Agency partner of EFFICIENT BUILDINGS project, ADENE organized a webinar on the use of Building Renovation Passports and One-stop-shops.

Building owners can use Building Renovation Passports or Digital Building Logbooks to collect the relevant information and have a complete up-to-date overview of their buildings across their lifetime. The passport is an essential instrument to plan deep renovations.

One-stop-shops centralize a range of services that include technical and social diagnosis, management of suppliers, support on project financing and monitoring of the implemented measures. They are complementary to Building Renovation Passports, because they offert support in implementing the refurbishment measures planned within the Passport. 

Both building renovation passports and one-stop-shops have a great potential in reaching energy policies' targets, if applied at large scale. They represent informative nodes of an up-to-date information system of both private and public buildings.