Teeschools greek partners in an event for "Energy Efficiency in Public buildings"

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Living Prospects, “Teeschools” partner participated and presented the project in an event organized a few days ago.

The event was entitled: "Energy Efficiency in Public buildings. Pilot action funded through European Projects" and was organized by EGTC Efxini Poli, partner of 2 “Efficient Buildings” Community projects, “Teeschools” and “Edufootprint”. The event took place in Municipality of Fyli in Athens. Mr Konstantinos Karampourniotis, “Living Prospects” Project Manager made it clear that this project aims to support local authorities to implement NZEB refurbishments in Mediterranean school buildings using an integrated set of user – friendly tools.

The event focused on the different ways that Local and Regional Authorities can benefit from the results that European projects produce in the field of Carbon Footprint minimisation. The Efficient Buildings Community had greek representatives from the modular projects: IMPULSE, SHERPA and CESBA MED. They all presented their pilot activities and tools in accordance with an analysis of the creation of public-private partnerships for funding energy efficiency improvement, which will take place within PRODESA project (HORIZON 2020). The tools presented, where either focused on specific typology of buildings or support decision making for any kind of building. They definitely can help local authorities extract precious information, by organising their data regarding energy performance of their public buildings stock. 

Stakeholders involved were Representatives of: Municipality of Fyli, including the Mayor, Municipality of Sparti (Peloponnese Region), Local Media, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Department of Buildings Infrastructure, Central Union of Hellenic Municipalities, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES), National Observatory of Athens: Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Environment, Private  Companies (in the field of construction and in energy efficiency consulting). There were also Professionals, mainly mechanical engineers, geologists and architects.