TEESCHOOLS project presentation to public and private partners in France

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As part of the European Sustainability Week, running from the 30th of May to the 5th of June, the french Chamber of Trades in Provence Alpes d'Azur (CMAR PACA) presented its environmental projects to its multiple partners.

On June 3rd, the CMAR PACA presented its 7 most environmentally friendly projects, amongst which TEESCHOOLS. Members of the audience consisted of its private partners, professional representatives such as the Chamber of Small Building Businesses and Perhaps more importantly, its public partners were also very well represented through the presence of certain deans of the Alpes Maritimes, namely one of the Montessori schools, and the mayor of the city of Vence.

This town has been a precursor when it comes to environmental projects with the setting up of a public energy efficiency strategy guidance and subsidies for energy efficiency renovations in homes.

The TEESCHOOLS project was highly welcomed by the audience and debated over for a while after the presentation. The public partners expressed their interest in the project and desire to discover how they could be part of it.

All in all, a very positive day with conforting reactions from the CMAR PACA partners and a desire to work together for better schools and a better environment.