7th day of Sustainable Energy in Zagorje

EduFootprint presented at the 7th day of Sustainable Energy in December 2018

IRI UL and the Sustainable Energy Association co-organised the 7th day of Sustainable Energy on the 14th of December in Zagorje, at the elementary school Ivana Skvarče, Zagorje ob Savi.

In the area of sustainable energy, a lot has been done in Zagorje municipality over the last 10 years; from the renovation of apartment and public buildings, public-private partnership for the supply of heat to schools through cogeneration and the use of biomass and municipal solar power plants, among others.

The challenge for the future lies in the environmentally responsible behaviour or behaviour of people and the transfer of good habits to younger generations, as young people will suffer from the consequences of the degraded climate system and the excessive use of natural resources.

In this context, the EduFootprint project results were presented in this event, focusing on the EduFootprint App, mainly aimed at aimed at informing and educating about the impact of human activities on the environment. 

The project App, devised to allow schools to inspect their carbon footprint according to the consumption of electricity, heat, paper and mobility for a specific time period, is a practical and attractive tool that enables simplified gaming for a better understanding of individual carbon footprint factors. This tool is intended for students and teachers, contains certain didactic approaches to show the increase or decrease of specific parameters directly related to the use of energy and resources. The app was developed for the Android platform and is available in the Google Play store with the Edufootprint keyword.

A practical presentation of the application was held in the lobby of the school for students of the seventh and eighth grades.

Other issues tackled and discussed in this event related to:

  • the impact on people's behaviour towards lowering energy use, because energy is consumed by people not by buildings. 
  • review of sustainable technological solutions in Zagorje ob Savi.
  • energy accounting for public buildings in the municipality of Zagorje ob Savi, which is accessible on municipality’s website.

The event was attended by representatives of elementary schools, library, music school, sports institute, kindergartens and municipality.