"Energy & Career guidance" workshop

Success of the first EduFootprint transnational workshop in Italy

The buildings are responsible for the 40% of the total energy consumption and for the 36% of the green house gas emission in the European Union. The great part of the environmental footprint in the schools is caused by the inadequate maintenance and management: the public sector, where 60% of the buildings are schools, is partially responsible for the current situation.

It is a challenging environment where a strong cooperation among different stakeholders is necessary in order to implement effective actions.

In this context, the workshop “Energy & Career guidance”, organised on 23rd November 2018 in Treviso, was an important time for the local managers, the technicians, the independent contractors about possible energy efficiency measures and, as regards the schools, an opportunity in the learning process in the frame of EduFootprint project and an opportunity of career guidance and contact with employment