Italy: new instruments for energy efficiency under discussion

The parliament is discussing the draft law that adopts the 2nd energy efficiency directive

ROME. The Italian parliament is currently discussing the draft law that adopts the second version of the Energy Efficiency Directive (2018/2002). The document relaunches with an increased ambition several instruments that were already included in the Italian legislation on energy efficiency. Concerning public buildings in particular, the main news are the following: 

  • The draft proposes to extend the programme for the energy refurbishment of the public buildings of the central administration (PREPAC). The programme should be relaunched until 2030 with an increase of funds up to 50 mln € each year coming from the CO2 auctions of the Emission Trading Scheme.
  • A new informative system will be set up to monitor the energy consumption of all public buildings and to manage renovation projects.
  • The White Certificate Market will be re-framed. The market, designed to trade energy efficiency, will increase its flexibility and its efficiency.
  • The incentive scheme called "Conto Termico" will be open to civil non-residential buildings and it will be reformed to simplify the access procedure to public administrations.

Several other instruments are currently discussed. The new law, based on the experience of the first directive (and also on an infringement procedure faced by Italy) should also be aligned with the ambitious targets set by the Italian National Energy and Climate Plan.