New Action Plan for the Planet

European Commission presents new Action Plan for the Planet: Ten initiatives for a modern and clean economy

Recognizing the Paris Agreement as a key element for the modernization of the European industry and economy, two years after, the European Commission announced at One Planet Summit in Paris on 12th December 2017 ten transformative initiatives for a modern economy and a fair society.

The European Union is making this transition taking account of the differences in the energy mix and economic structures across the EU. It is leading by example and creating an enabling environment that accelerates public and private investment in innovation and modernization in all key sectors.

In particular, in the context of the European Investment Plan, the European Investment Bank is adopting a new financial instrument - the Smart Finance for Smart Buildings Facility (transformative initiative 7) - that will make energy efficiency projects for buildings more attractive to private investors, and will multiply the effect of the EU money invested. This will be done by using EU grants as a guarantee for these projects, creating a market for energy efficiency projects.

Putting our energy efficiency first is more than just a slogan. If you want to know more click here.