Policy Paper on Information for Energy Efficiency

The 2nd Policy Paper of the Efficient Buildings Community is out now!

The Efficient Buildings Community released the 2nd Policy Paper on information, including data, communication, education and capacity building.

This policy paper builds on the lessons learnt by Modular Projects about the role of information-based policy actions for EE in public buildings. It sets these findings against the backdrop of the relevant EU regulatory framework and of the academic literature on the role of information in sustainable energy policies, and it puts forward policy recommendations focused on the specific features of public buildings in the MED area.

The paper indicates three main fields for policy improvement:

  • awareness raising at local level
  • capacity building programs and accessible, transparent information for local administrations (e.g. one-stop shops for energy efficiency)
  • standardisation of information and information exchange within public administrations

Have a look at the policy paper for more details. Download the paper by clicking on the link below:

Policy Paper on Information