EXPO on Environmental Sustainability in Sicily

Official opening of the permanent “EXPO on Environmental Sustainability” pf EduFootprint project, in the Holistic Center of Ferla Municipality, Syracuse

Students and families can now visit the “EXPO on Environmental Sustainability” in Ferla, a new space dedicated to the energy efficency in public buildings and to best practices to protect our environment. 

The EXPO provides students, citizens and users in general a permanent area where they can observe how some technologies work, have information on innovative technologies for energy saving and efficiency, share books on different sustainable matters and interact with funny mechanisms. 

During the pilot activities of the EDUFOOTPRINT project, some classes have already been involved in implementing practical activities to monitor their consumptions and awareness raising actions to implement in the schools. They selected in the class the waste manager, the energy manager or the water manager in order to follow the Energy Action Plan implemented by the School in collaboration with the Sicilian partners of the project, SVI.MED EuroMediterranean Centre for Sustainable Development and ATS “Obiettivo ZeroValle degli Iblei”.

Following the aim of the Edufootprint project, to improve the environmental performances of public buildings,  and of SEAP the EXPO area can become an info-point for citizens and families to show the Renewable Energy Sources, Rational Use of Energy devices, different option for mobility,  information on funding opportunities, all information tha have the aim to modify the behavbiours of citizens, school staff and students and their families.

The Expo is made with recycle material and visitors can follow a recreational-educational path on sustainability that will accompany students and families towards the study of issues related to energy efficiency, waste management and the protection of water resources.

SVI.MED. will organize study visits in the next months. To book a study visit please contact Svimed Onlus , Mrs Letizia Perremuto, email: l.perremuto@remove-this.svimed.eu 

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