Teeschools project team in Athens

The 5th SC meeting will be held in Athens, Greece.

The meeting will take place on 5th - 6th March and back to back with the MED Capitalisation event in Thessaloniki (7th-8th). Main issues for discussion are: 

  • Results achieved during the first module and activities to be done in the second
  • Validation of the tool and improvements of it
  • Activities done and results achieved in the field of "Transferring"
  • Achievements and objectives for Capitalization activities, such as E-learnings, Capitalizing project methodology, Integration of results in the action plans, Open lessons and  Networking the results

Main issues for the second day of the meeting are the Communication & Administrative activities, the status of deliverables, Monitoring of the project status and the passage from the 1st to the 2nd module.