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The IMPULSE PLUS international event to be held online on June 16 from 9.30 am to 11.30 am

One key objective towards the 2050 long-term decarbonisation strategy included in the Climate Target Plan 2030 is energy renovation of public buildings (ERB). In this line, several instruments have been set by the directives under the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package. However, the weighted annual energy renovation rate is low at some 1%.

The main common territorial challenge tackled by IMPULSE is insufficient capacities of public administrations to manage integrated, reliable, and cost-effective ERB action plans for their buildings’ stock, responding to the EU Directives and other initiatives as Covenant of Mayors.

The conference will present the benefits and characteristics of the IMPULSE methodology, the improvements recently introduced in the IMPULSE tools, for the development of gradual renovation plans and financial planning for cost-optimal solutions for public building stocks, as well as the applied experience in the use of these tools by local and regional public administrations involved in the IMPULSE PLUS transfer process.

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