Webinar: Efficient Buildings Strategies

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The Renovation Wave seen by national energy agencies

11 December 2020
10:00 - 11:00

The Interreg MED Efficient Buildings Community is organizing the webinar "Efficient Buildings Strategies: The Renovation Wave seen by national energy agency". This is a policy dialogue around the role of national energy agencies in renovation strategies within the Mediterranean context and with a particular emphasis on public buildings.

The webinar will be interactive, with half of the session dedicated to Q&A, where the audience will be able to put questions or share own experiences with the representatives of national energy agencies.

This webinar is the first of a series to be organised by the Interreg MED Efficient Buildings Community.


The Renovation Wave Strategy from the European Commission landed on October 14th and cities, for better or worse, will be most impacted. The next weeks and months will be decisive, as national governments and their national energy agencies will play a crucial role in shaping and implementing impactful national programmes. It is now up to them to finalise their renovation strategies and to develop a recovery plan, which integrates not only the investment opportunities of building renovation initiatives. It also needs to design mechanisms to steer and accompany those funds.

The debate is an attempt to find out:

  • How national recovery plans will cover the renovation challenge and how final long-term renovation strategies will look like?
  • How national energy agencies can help design mechanisms to boost investments and support massive public building renovation at regional and local level
  • What governments can learn from each other?
  • Rui Fragoso, Head of Project Department at ADENE (Portugal)
  • Philippe Masset, Director Europe and International at ADEME (France)
  • Markos Damasiotis, Head of Development Programs Division at CRES (Greece)
  • Ilaria Bertini, Director for Energy Efficiency at ENEA (Italy)