A delegation from Mostaganem visited Potenza

On the 23rd of June the City Partnership organized an exchange visit to replicate PrioritEE tools

On the 23rd of June, the city of Potenza hosted a delegation from the city of Mostaganem in Algeria, in the framework of the twinning activities of Efficient Buildings City Partnerships initiative.

The peer-to-peer twinning experience between the cities of Potenza and Mostaganem, in Algeria, was made effective with a two-day study visit to the Lucanian capital. The event was attended by experts from Energy Cities (project coordinators), official representatives of the municipalities of Mostaganem, Potenza, Tito and San Lucido (CS), researchers from the CNR-IMAA and technicians from the Energy Society Lucana.

In Potenza's Palace of Culture and in CNR premises, the hosts illustrated the experiences and the results achieved in Basilicata, thanks to PrioritEE. Afterwards, the delegation visited two renewable energy production plants built by the Lucanian Energy Company in the municipalities of Tito and Satriano and two new generation public buildings of particular interest both from the point of view of energy efficiency and seismic isolation located in Potenza. 

The exchange was made possibile in the framework of the exchange and replication programme of the Efficient Buildings Community between municipalities from the Northern and the Sourthern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The city partnership between Potenza (Italy) and Mostaganem (Algeria) focused on the transfer of PrioritEE PLUS toolbox - in particular the DSTool - which has been successfully tested and implemented in Potenza. Thanks to the Efficient Buildings Community, the tool will be adapted to French regions through data customisation and translation.

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