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Registrations are open for the Programme "Green Living Area". Live sessions start on June 10th

The Mediterranean region has extraordinary human, cultural and natural resources that enables its people to cope with unprecedented challenges such as ecological and digital transitions. However, the region urgently needs new competences and skills for leading the transition towards a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient model.

The Interreg MED Programme and its projects represent a valuable pool of competences and skills that enabled a productive cooperation amongst Euro-Mediterranean stakeholders. For this reason, the Interreg MED Thematic Communities and PANORAMED joined forces to create the "Interreg Euro-MED Academy": a platform for making these knowledge and skills accessible to an audience of local leaders and actors for change.

Shaping the next generation of Mediterranean Leaders of inclusive and sustainable development

The Efficient Buildings Community - together with the Renewable Energy Community, the Urban Transport Community and the Green Growth Community - organizes the Learning Programme "Green Living Areas": a series of challenging courses to acquire the skills useful for the ecological transition.

The programme is structured into three courses, dedicated to a specific territorial scale:

  • #06_A Green living buildings
  • #06_B Green living cities
  • #06_C Green living territories

The Efficient Buildings Community organized two modules within the "Green Living Buildings" Course. The participants will have the opportunity to learn how to maximise the energy efficiency of public buildings through PrioritEE Decision Support Tool and TEESCHOOLS web tool. 

Registrations are open. Subscribers can select and follow the e-lessons individually, or they can actively attend the live sessions and work in team with other students across the Mediterranean Sea.

The live sessions will start on 10 June 2022. Register to the Interreg Euro-MED Academy and subscribe to the Green Living Area Programme.

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