Our Achievements



The Efficient Buildings Community developed a full set of tools to help public authorities in the implementation of energy efficiency measures across the Mediterranean region.

For each stage of the life-cycle the Modular Projects tested several methodologies and protocols. The Horizontal Project synthesizes and harmonizes all technical knowledge in four Technical Papers and it advocates specific Policy Recommendations for a Mediterranean energy position.


Four documents to summarize the technical knowledge produced by the Modular Projects. The 1st on financial schemes; the 2nd on tools and methodologies developed in each project; the 3rd on capacity building activities; the 4th on the lessons learned

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The local experience of the projects has been summarized and put in relation with the policy context of the European Union. Two papers have been published about financial issues and information. Each document includes a set of policy recommendations.

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The Efficient Buildings Community has developed a Manifesto with six requests for EU decision-makers and national public authorities in Member States to design policies that takes into account the direct experience of the stakeholders from the Mediterranean region.

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The Efficient Buildings Community together with Green Growth Community and the Renewable Energy Community developed a joint document for the sustainable use of resources in the Mediterranean built environment.

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