The Technical Papers

The modular projects within the Efficient Buildings Community delivered many tools, models, guidelines, and training materials for all phases of the life cycle of energy refurbishment. IREC, the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, reviewed and analyzed all outcomes of the modular projects in order to systematize and harmonize them. The results of this intense process are four technical papers on different themes:

Financing schemes and barriers. The paper analyses all the financial models and tools, the Energy Performance Contracting guidelines and it identifies the main financial barriers.

Methodologies, tools and indicators. The paper reviews all technical instruments developed by the modular projects and it systematizes them according to each phase within the life cycle of an energy efficiency investment.

Training methodologies and capacity gaps. The paper presents the methods used by the modular projects to identify the capacity gaps, engage stakeholders and transfer their results.

MED lessons learned. The paper reports the main pilot action carried out by the modular projects, including the main opportunities and barriers faced during the implementation of these demo cases.

Financing schemes and barriers



Methodologies, tools and indicators



Training methodologies & capacity gaps



Lessons learned from the MED pilots