The Manifesto

The European Green Deal and the Next Generation EU are opportunities to trigger a wide-scale renovation wave coupled with decarbonized supply. In view of the expected policy measures, the Efficient Buildings Community calls for a stronger vision for building-related policies, a proper “Mediterranean efficient buildings action programme”.

Policy-makers need to acknowledge that energy efficiency in the Mediterranean countries relies on other parameters than in the rest of the EU. There are important differences with other Member States on the way we build, on energy needs, economic power and legal constraints. As a matter of fact, deep renovation means longer paybacks. Cooling, contrary to heating, is critical and essential in this part of Europe. For policy design, this means that there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. Mediterranean issues need to be streamlined in the whole policy approach.

Buoyed by the on-the-ground experiences, the members of the Efficient Buildings Community ask EU decision-makers and national public authorities in Member States to take into account eight recommendations focused on public buildings.

For European policy-makers

For National policy-makers

1. Coordinate building renovation objectives in all strategies through a multi-governance approach
2. Improve the organisational readiness for the evaluation and benchmarking of public building performance
3. Improve national training and qualification strategies for the energy performance of buildings
4. Facilitate access of local and regional authorities to public money
5. Speed up the use of Energy Performance Contracting schemes to finance public building renovation